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StonerAlgo Community NFT Collections

Stoner Hooopers Collection

The StonerHooopers NFT collection is a unique set of digital assets that features basketball players, referred to as “buds”. Each player in the collection has specific stats and skills, which are utilized in a basketball game on Discord. The collection had its first drop on the ALGOxNFT marketplace. The uniqueness and individual traits of each player make this collection distinct and valuable

Stoner Boosters

The Stoner Boosters NFTs are special digital assets designed to enhance your in-game stats in the StonerHooopers Discord basketball game. These NFTs can be obtained by participating in various activities on our Discord channel. By using these boosters, players can improve their performance and have a more engaging gaming experience.


Stoner Strains Library

The Stoner Strains NFT collection is a unique assortment of digital assets, referred to as “buds”, each with its own type and statistics. These NFTs are exclusively distributed to $TOKE holders during activities in the Tokers Club. The collection is designed to provide a deeper understanding of different strains, and more information can be found in our Stoner Strains Library.

StonerAlgo Community

Welcome to StonerAlgo space

$TOKE token

420 $TOKE Club

The $TOKE token on Algorand is a digital asset that offers various features and benefits to its holders. Holders of $TOKE are eligible for exclusive features and giveaways, enhancing their experience within the community. By joining the 420 $TOKE Club on Discord, holders can participate in community activities and enjoy additional benefits.

TOKE Bonanza

Toke Bonanza is a weekly event held every Sunday, exclusively for $TOKE holders. As part of this event, holders of $TOKE are given the opportunity to receive items from the unique NFT collection, Stoner Strains. This feature serves as a token of appreciation and a unique benefit for $TOKE holders, enhancing their experience and engagement with the platform. It’s a bonanza of rewards, hence the name “Toke Bonanza”.

TOKE Fiesta

TOKE Fiesta is an exclusive event for $TOKE holders who also hold the @Tokers role in our Discord group. During this event, different tokens from our reward token list are airdropped directly into the wallets of the participants. This feature provides $TOKE holders with a unique opportunity to receive a variety of tokens, enhancing their benefits and overall experience with the platform. It’s a fiesta of rewards, hence the name “TOKE Fiesta”.

Stoner Strains Library

Exclusive Access

As a Stoner Strains Library holder, you get exclusive access to a unique collection of NFTs. This can enhance your digital asset portfolio and potentially increase in value over time.

Community Engagement

Being a part of the Stoner Strains Library community allows you to engage with like-minded individuals, participate in discussions, and contribute to the growth of the community.

Special Events

Library holders often have the opportunity to participate in special events such as the Toke Bonanza and TOKE Fiesta. These events provide additional benefits such as receiving items from the Stoner Strains collection or airdrops of different tokens.

Stoner Hooopers Booster Cards

Game Enhancer

These cards are designed to increase your game stats in the SHBasketball game. This can give you a competitive edge and enhance your gaming experience.

Cool NFTs

As cool-looking NFTs, these cards are not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing. They add an element of style to your NFT collection

Exclusive Distribution

The Stooner Hooopers Booster cards are distributed via Stoner auctions and Raffles. This makes acquiring them an exciting event and adds an element of exclusivity.

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Stoner Hooopers & SHBasketball

Unique Artwork &

Game stats

Each NFT in the StonerHooopers collection features unique and cool-looking artwork. This makes them a great addition to any digital art collection and have added different stats and team for a gameplay.

Utility in Games

These NFTs aren’t just for show - they also have utility in games. For example, the Stooner Hooopers Booster cards can increase your game stats in the SHBasketball game.

Exclusive Access

Owning a StonerHooopers NFT can give you exclusive access to special events like Stoner auctions and Raffles. This adds an extra layer of excitement and exclusivity to the ownership experience.